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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is the language of science and plays an essential role in the natural sciences, engineering, economics, and many other areas. It teaches us how to reason, and therefore improves critical thinking. Throughout history, mathematics has been central in human thought and crucial to many aspects of intellectual and technological development.

The Department of Mathematics offers courses and degree programs reflecting the place and various roles of mathematics in modern civilization.


The department is excited to announce the creation of two new programs:

If you are a CUA student, please take part in our Mathematics Department Contest, which is done each semester.

Our Seminar in Functional Analysis and Related Areas usually takes place each Wednesday from 4:45 PM to 6:30 PM in Aquinas 108.

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Mathematics Department
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Dr. Kiran R. Bhutani

Academic Coordinator:
Dr. Vijay Sookdeo

Undergraduate Advisor:
Joshua Himmelsbach

Academic Specialist:
Patricia Bertollini