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Mathematics is an essential part of the natural and social sciences. Since ancient times, it has been central to human thought and crucial to the intellectual development and progress of many civilizations. Most importantly, Mathematics strengthens our ability to reason logically and think critically.

The Department of Mathematics offers courses and degree programs, both undergraduate and graduate, leading to careers in a wide variety of fields, including academia, finance, engineering, computer science, biology, medicine, and law.

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Department of Mathematics
Aquinas Hall, Room 116
The Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20064

Phone: (202) 319 - 5221
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Chair: Kiran R. Bhutani
Academic Coordinator: Vijay Sookdeo
Undergraduate Adviser: Joshua Himmelsbach

Academic Specialist: Patricia Bertollini


Mathematics Department Contest

We invite all CUA students to compete in our mathematics contest.

The contest consists of mathematical problems or puzzles which can be understood by anyone with the usual high school mathematics background.

The most successful contestants will be invited to the Mathematics Department end-of-semester party to receive prizes. There will be prizes for the students who solve the most problems and for those who submit the most interesting or original solutions (even if for only one problem).

Click HERE for the current contest.


Weekly Seminar

Our Seminar in Functional Analysis and Related Areas takes place each Wednesday from 4:45 PM to 6:30 PM in Aquinas 108. Past speakers have given presentations in a variety of areas in mathematics, physics, and computer science. If you are interested in speaking at out seminar, please contact Professor Alexander Levin (

Please click HERE for the current seminar.


Career Opportunities

We encourage students to apply for Research Experience for Undergraduates (REUs) summer programs in mathematics. These programs offer a stipend, housing, and travel funds, and provide an excellent opportunity for students to get exposure to mathematical research. For the current list of REU offering, see the American Mathematics Society's AMS website .

The Society of Actuaries website provides useful information for students wanting to know more about what actuaries do, what the actuarial exams are, and how to obtain and apply for actuarial internships/jobs.

Affordable College Online provides useful and in-depth information about obtaining scholarships/financial in STEM fields, and about opportunities for women in STEM fields.

Please click HERE for additional information/resources for career opportunities in mathematics.


News and Announcements

  • Our inaugural Applied Math in Action! Summer Program was a huge success in Summer 2018. Professors Anita Shagnea and Curtis Holliman are looking forward to another great week June 23-28, 2019. Please click on the logo below for more information.

  • Daniel J O’Hagan is the 2018 recipient of the E. J. Finan Memorial Award in Mathematics.

  • Theresa Abela and Matthew Menture was awarded the 2018 Euphemia Lofton Haynes Award for Outstanding Mathematics Junior.

  • Professor Prasad Senesi is an organizer for the conference on "Interactions of quantum affine algebras with cluster algebras, current algebras and categorification" that took place at CUA from June 2 to June 8, 2018.

  • In 2017, Professor Alexander Levin was awarded three-years National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant to continue his productive research in Difference Algebra.

  • We would like to congratulate our academic specialist Patricia Bertollini for receiving the 2017 Administrative Professional Excellence Award from Provost Abela.