The Catholic University of America

Anita Shagnea

Clinical Instructor

M.S. in Applied Mathematics, Oakland University, 1986

  • Advisor: John Dettman
  • Thesis: "Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations using Inverse Transmutation Operators"

Research/Teaching Interest

Innovative teaching techniques: integrating technology with math education, adding interdisciplinary components to courses, creating review mini-courses for use prior to beginning college math or incorporating them into the beginning of a semester course.

Prior Positions

Adjunct Instructor, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

Adjunct Instructor, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Research Computer Scientist, Research Triangle Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • A. M. Shagnea, J. Himmelsbach and K. Bhutani. Getting Students on Track: experience with a newly developed self-paced online pre-calculus review course at The Catholic University of America. Presented at the MAA Contributed Paper Session, The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Collegiate Mathematics, at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, Baltimore, Maryland. 2019.

  • A. M. Shagnea and K. J. Hayhurst. An evaluation of a DO-178A software development process, Proceedings of the IEEE 10th Digital Avionics Systems Conference. pp. 97 – 102, 1991.

  • Anita M. Shagnea and Kelly J. Hayhurst. Managing the Development and Verification of Avionics Software, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Testing Computer Software. pp. 137-146, 1990.

  • Kelly J. Hayhurst and Anita M. Shagnea. Application of Industry-Standard Guidelines for the Validation of Avionics Software, Proceedings of the IEEE 9th Digital Avionics Systems Conference. pp. 278-282, 1990.

  • Anita M. Shagnea, Kelly J. Hayhurst, and B. Edward Withers. Data Collection and Descriptive Analysis: A First Step for Developing Quality Software, Proceedings of the 4th Annual Conference on Computer Assurance. pp. 58-65, 1989.

  • A.M. Shagnea, K.J. Hayhurst. Software Verification Plan for GCS, L.A. Dent, NASA Contractor Report NASA-TM-101668, February 1990.

  • A.M. Shagnea, D.S. Lowman, and B.E. Withers. GCS (Guidance and Control Software) Plan for Software Aspects of Certification, NASA Contractor Report 181972, February 1990.

  • D.S. Lowman, B.E. Withers, A.M. Shagnea, L.A. Dent, K.J. Hayhurst. GCS (Guidance and Control Software) Programmer’s Manual, NASA Technical Report 102721, December 1990.

  • A.M. Shagnea and J.R. Dunham. GCS (Guidance and Control Software) Development Specification Review Description, NASA Technical Report NAS1-17964, 1989.

  • RTCA/DO-178B, "Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification," December 1, 1992. Standard used by FAA for certification of software-based avionics systems. Served on committee which created this document.

Contact Information

Office: Aquinas 106A
Email :
Phone: (202) 319 - 6678