The Catholic University of America

Graduate Program in Mathematics

4+1 BS/MA in Mathematics Secondary Education

In coordination with the Department of Education, the Mathematics Department now offers a 4+1 BS/MA in Mathematics Secondary Education.


The 4+1 BS/MA in Mathematics Secondary Education is designed for undergraduate students who are interested in a teaching career to complete a Master of Arts degree in Secondary Education and Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics in five years. 


Students who wish to enroll in the 4+1 program will apply to the Teacher Education Program at their end of the sophomore year. If accepted into the program, they will be advised by faculty from the Department of Education and the Department of Mathematics. In exceptional cases, students will be able to apply during their junior year. Students will be evaluated by faculty from the Department of Education and the Department of Mathematics at the end of their junior year to assess their potential to complete Master’s level courses in Education and Mathematics. In addition to supporting recommendations from faculty, students must maintain a 3.00 GPA in Education and Mathematics courses, including at least a grade of B- in Math 248, Foundations of Advanced Mathematics, to qualify for admission into the graduate program.

Overview of Requirements

A BS in Mathematics requires 40 courses. A MA in Secondary Education requires 14 courses or 42 credits: 24 credits in Education (eight three-credit graduate courses), 6 credits (two three-credit graduate electives in Education or Mathematics), and 12 credits for student teaching (one two-credit course, two three-credit courses and one four-credit course). For each degree separately, students would need to complete 54 courses: 40 for the BS in Mathematics and 14 for the MA in Secondary Education. Students in the 4+1 program will take two graduate courses in Education and two graduate courses Mathematics (12 credits) that will count toward both the BA degree and the MA degree. Therefore, the 4+1 program will enable students to complete both degrees with 50 courses since 4 courses will count for both degrees.